Q: Why are you going on this trip?

A: Well, for a few reasons:

  1. We need a change.  We’ve both been working 70 hours a week and barely making ends meet and then the family time has been anemic.  Time to flip this model.
  2.  We’re exploring how other cities do diversity.  Boulder County sucks on this front and while Mer and I are very comfortable in this environment, we wonder if we could do better for dear H.
  3. Who doesn’t want to travel?
  4. This is a better option for a mid-life-crisis than having an affair with our secretaries and buying Ferraris.  Nothing against Ferraris.  Or secretaries.

Q: How long will you be gone?

A: We will be in the RV almost a year according to the current plan (as of August 2017).

Q: What if you don’t come back?

A: Stay tuned.  I suppose anything’s possible when you say Yes, And…  Yes, and we sure do love our Colorado friends.