305 truths: #1-32 and counting

Things I have learned so far on this crazy journey…

  1. If we want to have an amazing journey, we can.
  2. If we want to have self-loathing and a horrible journey, this is also an option.
  3. I am finding that I really dislike RV parks.
  4. RV’s are big.
  5. I would like to learn how to work on our own RV.
  6. There are a lot of very friendly and helpful people who repair and work on RV’s.
  7. Meow Wolf is fucking awesome and you need to go.
  8. Harvest Hosts is an amazing program and I got to watch my husband jam out on the keys last night at Native Spirits Winery in Norman, Oklahoma.
  9. Staying in touch with Harper’s birth family is a life-long priority .
  10. Our country is suffering right now.
  11. So far, I have only met wonderful and kind people.
  12. I love redecorating our RV.
  13. TheĀ  parking lot at Trader Joe’s in Santa Fe reminded me a lot of the parking lot at WholeFoods in Boulder. Both can consciously be avoided.
  14. I don’t need to use as much water as I thought. Daily showering is a luxury–even when you don’t live in an RV.
  15. I love microwaved burritos.
  16. My pets are happier.
  17. Harper misses her friends and loves meeting new ones.
  18. Parenting 24/7 can be fucking hard.
  19. Routine is key. I’ll let you know when we have one.
  20. My husband is very patient with me—most of the time.
  21. I am very patient with my husband–most of the time.
  22. I tried Whataburger for the first time.
  23. We really liked Memphis.
  24. The Soulsville Festival is a must.
  25. Most people have big hearts.
  26. I could live off of biscuits and gravy.
  27. Make sure you get your VISA before driving 3 hours into Mexico.
  28. People in MX will stop, not flip you off and not think it is strange when you drive a 36ft. RV against traffic.
  29. Mexico is a YES AND country.
  30. I love Mezcal.
  31. Puppies are cute.
  32. I could also just live off of Mexican food.


One thought on “305 truths: #1-32 and counting

  1. Whataburger = life changing.
    Agree on Meow Wolf
    Missed you in that Santa Fe Trader Jo’s by like a week … bummer
    I got nothin on kids and RVs…

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